BWP Trust is committed to the health and safety of its team members, contractors and visitors, to acting ethically and sustainably operating its businesses with respect to the environment. 

How we achieve this is summarised in Our Sustainability Principles.


The scale, domestic scope and relatively passive nature of our operations means that our impacts on the environment and society are relatively minor in local, national and global contexts. BWP Trust owns land and warehouse-style properties in Australia leased to other entities. The Trust does not typically engage in development work (other than capital expenditure related to the repositioning of a property where a vacancy has occurred), generally acquiring established properties or developments that pass to the Trust on completion.

However, we recognise that even modest changes, made collectively over time, can significantly effect the environment and society. Our sustainability strategy focuses on environmental factors, particularly climate change and emissions reduction.

74 Properties, all in Australia
238.7 ha Total land area

Portfolio value

(as at 31 December 2021)

96% Trust owned stores with LED lighting in one or more of the car park, nursery trading area, canopy trading area, or in the main store
23 Solar Power installations complete
96% Trust-owned stores have in place water tanks for the recycling of roof collected rainwater
Net-Zero progress 177 tonnes of residual CO2 emissions to be offset by the purchase of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)

268.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions were avoided as a result of our solar generation across the portfolio
43%/ 57% The current gender make-up of the team is 43% female and 57 per cent male
0 injuries or deaths Our safety performance record

All information is as at 30 June 2021 unless otherwise stated. All areas are approximate..

A more detailed understanding of our sustainability practices can be found at these links.