We are committed to sustainably operating our business, managing the risks and realising the business opportunities associated with climate change.

Our property assets are spread over six Australian states and territories so that, as a general rule, regional extreme weather events attributable to climate change would not be expected to impact a material number of the Trust’s properties in any one event. Notwithstanding this, every property is reviewed annually to understand its exposure to climate change risks, e.g. fire, floods and cyclones.

Every property is also reviewed to understand where we can make improvements that have positive environmental impacts, e.g. reduced carbon emissions, rainwater capture, solar installations, and more energy-efficient equipment and fittings.

The most material ESG issue relevant to the Trust is climate change. A review of risks and opportunities is conducted annually as part of our response to the Carbon Disclosure Project. No significant risks have been identified to date. The main opportunities relate to the increase of energy efficiency in our properties.

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