Ethical Sourcing and Human Rights

Ethical sourcing has become a growing area of focus for BWP.
While we have less than one hundred direct suppliers, the majority of which are professional service providers based in Australia, we do engage with suppliers from time to time who operate in the construction industry. Some of our suppliers in this industry import building materials and equipment from overseas, and some use labour-hire workers. The construction industry is acknowledged as having a higher risk of modern slavery. BWP is committed to engaging with its suppliers to understand modern slavery risk in its supply chains. We expect our suppliers to comply with our minimum standards for ethical sourcing.

Our aim is to ensure that human rights are understood, respected and upheld across our supply chain. The entitlement to work in a safe environment applies as much to the employees of our suppliers as it does to our own team members.

Our progress is described in our Modern Slavery Statement.

Modern Slavery Policy Modern Slavery Statement Minimum standards expected of suppliers