Hoxton Park

Project Description

The property is situated on the south eastern corner of Hoxton Park and Lyn Parade approximately 30 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district and 3.5 kilometres south-west of Liverpool. The site is zoned 'B6 Enterprise Corridor' which allows for land uses including large format retail, mixed-use residential, service station, warehouse and distribution, child-care, business and office. The property comprises a Bunnings Warehouse (currently under redevelopment), Officeworks and Kennards Self Storage. Surrounding development includes industrial uses to the immediate west and south, with some light industrial/large format retail uses to the east along Hoxton Park Road with predominantly low density residential dwellings to the north.

Land area

36,975 m²

The total GLA/retail area

26,508 m²

Lease Commencement Date

3/10/2008 *

Total Property Cost


Current valuation


Annual Rent


Project Location

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